Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friday - 24ZeroOne20Forteen -'s another new year, 2014. a lot has happened. let's see...where should i start eh...? 

ok let's start off with me &'s been a wonderful one year for us in the world of marriage(yeay!!!)

now let's get into my career story. after being jobless for quite awhile, i manage to get a job at this company called Atlas-Hifi Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. sole distributor of Bose in malaysia. so yeah, i'm back in the customer service line again. but the environment is totally different though. plus, i'm starting to learn and develop the after-service skills. something basically i have to get use to.

for those who didn't know and don't wanna trouble themselves to google it up...Bose is a company that do sound research and produce sound systems. they have quite a range, from headphones, speakers, home theatre systems...etc, etc. originated from the US of A. one the high end brands of sound systems.

and thanks to that, i manage to get myself a new phone...after using my previous phone for surprisingly 3 years(a CSL phone). no wonder there's problems here & there. bought myself a Lenovo A3000, a phone tablet, 7 inch screen, dual sim, quad core. quite nice. even right now i'm blogging straight from my about jakun...heheh~!

well, i guess i'll stop here, for now. 

-stixx, fixxing out~!-

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