Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weird Nightmarish Dream

MonDay - KosongSembilanKosongSembilanDuaPuluhTigaBelas - monday morning...even when i'm not working, it's still kind of a dreaded day. maybe because it's the first day of the week, perhaps? anyways...wanna talk about a weird nightmarish dream i had last night. as usual...i never remember how the dream started. but the thing i can remember most was...there's a house/chalet. there were people in my dreams...can't remember them at all, except for my wife. so this so called house/chalet, is kinda haunted i guess...because in that dream, i always have this feeling that something is watching us. and there were times where i thought i saw something like a spirit...or ghost...apparition. looked like a woman. can't make out the face though (thank god...). to me the scariest part was, when i was riding the motorbike with my wife...trying to get out of that place...when suddenly i saw something flew past by us and suddenly my vision went fade to black...i went blind in that dream!. i panicked...called out to my wife, and she didn't answer...try to feel her behind me with my hands...she's gone!. after that, i felt someone, or something in front of me...and then i woke up...and i think it was four to five in the morning...and i had trouble going back to sleep. 

now i'm kinda sleepy...demmit, why must i had that kind of dreams...?

-stixx, fixxing out...-

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