Sunday, September 1, 2013


Monday - KosongDuaKosongSembilanDuaPuluhTigaBelas - another day being jobless. going out quite early in the morning...having a relaxed breakfast at the kopitiam or mamak. watching other people with jobs hustling to get to their's basically a bliss. and i'm doing exactly that. had breakfast with a long time friend of mine...just chatting mostly about vaping, while he's recoiling my atomizer. ah yes...vaping, i don't think i ever blog about being a entry perhaps. 

one thing i found out about being jobless...u will miss the days being with a job. the thing is, when u do have job...u always longing for that day off...lazying around the house, practically doing nothing. just being human i guess. and the only thing that i miss most is...PAYDAY~!. 

gotta find me a job soon...~

-stixx, fixxing out...-

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