Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Analog To Digital

WednesDay - 0Empat0SembilanDuaPuluh13 - Okay yeah...wednesday. Hmm...alrite, in my earlier posts...i mentioned about vaping. vaping is basically a different type of cigarette...because it doesn't actually produce smoke but vapor instead, so it's called vaping. 

i started vaping nearly 2 years ago. thanx to a few friends of mine promoting this vaping culture. even at that time, to my surprise...vaping have started quite a long time ago. not in Malaysia but mainly overseas. 

the most frequently ask question..."does it taste like real cigarette...?". to me the definite answer is "NO". it doesn't taste like cigarette at all. but then again, to me personally...the satisfaction is more than the real cigarette. i know most smokers doesn't think so. why the satisfaction...? i guess because of the vapor('smoke') itself. when i vape...with the right settings...i can produce vapor so much, it's like cloud...dense fog. we call it "awan nano". apart from that, it's healthier...and no unpleasant smell. i can vape during a traffic-jam in a heavy rain...don't have to roll down the windows.
my earlier mods
a type of clearomizer

a type of cartomizer
i started with the ego-type mods. it's electronic. easy to use, no hassle kind of mod. with a voltage variable function. i used this type for nearly a year. combining with several types of clearomizers and cartomizers.

after awhile...i've been introduced to the mechanical type mods...and the genesis type tanks. basically the more technical type of hardwares. earlier on...using these 'upgrades', kinda frustrating. i have to learn how to coil, recoil and setting it up. i was this close to giving up. but thankfully, i have friends to help me out. 

so yeah...along the way, when the vaping culture started to bloom in Malaysia...certain parties started to take interest. and mostly started to cause problems. sellers, resellers starting to appear here and there. DIY juices...local modders...they're everywhere. but most of 'em, from the way i see it...they're only there for the profit. there are...not all...sell vaping stuff too pricy...but no quality. there are others saying that vaping is more dangerous than smoking. i was like...what the f*ck...? 

i basically couldn't care less what the haters say about vaping. to me...it do me good. so that's that...

-stixx, fixxing out...-

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