Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friday - 24ZeroOne20Forteen -'s another new year, 2014. a lot has happened. let's see...where should i start eh...? 

ok let's start off with me &'s been a wonderful one year for us in the world of marriage(yeay!!!)

now let's get into my career story. after being jobless for quite awhile, i manage to get a job at this company called Atlas-Hifi Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd. sole distributor of Bose in malaysia. so yeah, i'm back in the customer service line again. but the environment is totally different though. plus, i'm starting to learn and develop the after-service skills. something basically i have to get use to.

for those who didn't know and don't wanna trouble themselves to google it up...Bose is a company that do sound research and produce sound systems. they have quite a range, from headphones, speakers, home theatre systems...etc, etc. originated from the US of A. one the high end brands of sound systems.

and thanks to that, i manage to get myself a new phone...after using my previous phone for surprisingly 3 years(a CSL phone). no wonder there's problems here & there. bought myself a Lenovo A3000, a phone tablet, 7 inch screen, dual sim, quad core. quite nice. even right now i'm blogging straight from my about jakun...heheh~!

well, i guess i'll stop here, for now. 

-stixx, fixxing out~!-

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weird Nightmarish Dream

MonDay - KosongSembilanKosongSembilanDuaPuluhTigaBelas - monday morning...even when i'm not working, it's still kind of a dreaded day. maybe because it's the first day of the week, perhaps? anyways...wanna talk about a weird nightmarish dream i had last night. as usual...i never remember how the dream started. but the thing i can remember most was...there's a house/chalet. there were people in my dreams...can't remember them at all, except for my wife. so this so called house/chalet, is kinda haunted i guess...because in that dream, i always have this feeling that something is watching us. and there were times where i thought i saw something like a spirit...or ghost...apparition. looked like a woman. can't make out the face though (thank god...). to me the scariest part was, when i was riding the motorbike with my wife...trying to get out of that place...when suddenly i saw something flew past by us and suddenly my vision went fade to black...i went blind in that dream!. i panicked...called out to my wife, and she didn't answer...try to feel her behind me with my hands...she's gone!. after that, i felt someone, or something in front of me...and then i woke up...and i think it was four to five in the morning...and i had trouble going back to sleep. 

now i'm kinda sleepy...demmit, why must i had that kind of dreams...?

-stixx, fixxing out...-

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Analog To Digital

WednesDay - 0Empat0SembilanDuaPuluh13 - Okay yeah...wednesday. Hmm...alrite, in my earlier posts...i mentioned about vaping. vaping is basically a different type of cigarette...because it doesn't actually produce smoke but vapor instead, so it's called vaping. 

i started vaping nearly 2 years ago. thanx to a few friends of mine promoting this vaping culture. even at that time, to my surprise...vaping have started quite a long time ago. not in Malaysia but mainly overseas. 

the most frequently ask question..."does it taste like real cigarette...?". to me the definite answer is "NO". it doesn't taste like cigarette at all. but then again, to me personally...the satisfaction is more than the real cigarette. i know most smokers doesn't think so. why the satisfaction...? i guess because of the vapor('smoke') itself. when i vape...with the right settings...i can produce vapor so much, it's like cloud...dense fog. we call it "awan nano". apart from that, it's healthier...and no unpleasant smell. i can vape during a traffic-jam in a heavy rain...don't have to roll down the windows.
my earlier mods
a type of clearomizer

a type of cartomizer
i started with the ego-type mods. it's electronic. easy to use, no hassle kind of mod. with a voltage variable function. i used this type for nearly a year. combining with several types of clearomizers and cartomizers.

after awhile...i've been introduced to the mechanical type mods...and the genesis type tanks. basically the more technical type of hardwares. earlier on...using these 'upgrades', kinda frustrating. i have to learn how to coil, recoil and setting it up. i was this close to giving up. but thankfully, i have friends to help me out. 

so yeah...along the way, when the vaping culture started to bloom in Malaysia...certain parties started to take interest. and mostly started to cause problems. sellers, resellers starting to appear here and there. DIY juices...local modders...they're everywhere. but most of 'em, from the way i see it...they're only there for the profit. there are...not all...sell vaping stuff too pricy...but no quality. there are others saying that vaping is more dangerous than smoking. i was like...what the f*ck...? 

i basically couldn't care less what the haters say about vaping. to do me good. so that's that...

-stixx, fixxing out...-

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Monday - KosongDuaKosongSembilanDuaPuluhTigaBelas - another day being jobless. going out quite early in the morning...having a relaxed breakfast at the kopitiam or mamak. watching other people with jobs hustling to get to their's basically a bliss. and i'm doing exactly that. had breakfast with a long time friend of mine...just chatting mostly about vaping, while he's recoiling my atomizer. ah yes...vaping, i don't think i ever blog about being a entry perhaps. 

one thing i found out about being jobless...u will miss the days being with a job. the thing is, when u do have job...u always longing for that day off...lazying around the house, practically doing nothing. just being human i guess. and the only thing that i miss most is...PAYDAY~!. 

gotta find me a job soon...~

-stixx, fixxing out...-

Post-Merdeka - Death

Sunday - KosongSatuKosongSembilanDuaPuluhTigaBelas - Yeah...after a long while...i feel like blogging again. i don't when is the next entry gonna be. So's Sunday...yesterday (31st Aug 2013) is our Merdeka Day. lots of people went on and on about the Merdeka Day celebration...parade, fireworks and stuff. i never went to all that stuff...well, yeah maybe once or twice...years back. just not interested i guess. but...does that mean i don't love my country...? i don't think so, i love this country...Malaysia...born and raised...i just don't like going to all those celebrations...too many people...too crowded...jamms everywhere. oh man...that is soooo not for me.

but this a call from dad...saying one of our atok just passed away...Innalillah. speaking of which...last month my uncle passed away...a few months before aunty of mine passed away. if u ask me...i'm kinda terrified, as far as for today...there's been a lot of deaths in my family.

so what else...? all i can say is, times are hard for me and my wife. trying our hardest to make ends meet. i can always blame somebody else...but no matter how i try to put all comes back to me. i regretted it...i think i can say one of the biggest regret i ever felt. too impatient...

heh...i guess that's all...for now.

-stixx, fixxing out-

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skipped A Year

WeDnesDay - DuaPuluhTujuhKosongTigaDuaPuluhTigaBelas - Hahaha...~ it's 2013 now...~!! hence the title of this post..."Skipped A Year". last post was on 9th January 2011. i really didn't post anything during 2012...and i do mean NOTHING. well not to say nothing happened during those times. lots...and i do mean LOTS of thing happened during 2012. Sadly i can't remember much...or is it i don't want to remember much. i dunno...maybe.'m doing great and yeah...i got married...oh my god...happiest day of my life. my wife...Wan Hasmuni Binti Wan Hassan...i never thought of being married to her. a little background story...we, used to be in the same school back in the days...not only that...we're in the same class...well...not for the whole school period. but we seldom talk during those days...dunno why...haha. but then after lost contact for 13yrs...thnx to FaceBook...we found each other again... =D

ok...what else eh...?? ok...about my band Exorage...we kinda like lost our studio...bcoz the landlord have some other "promising" tenants. So, to put it simply, we're kicked out. sad ain't it...but what to must go on. without our own's kinda difficult to practice because we have to find the time...and expenses. plus, our practice time is limited since we have to pay by the hour.

oh other thing...i'm quiting my long time job as a teller in CIMB. i guess after 10 long years...i just grew tired of it. hope everything will get better after this...

- Stixx, fixxing out...~! -

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tahun Sudah Baru...~!

Isnin - SepuluhKosongSatuDuaPuluhSebelas - whoa...~! now the new year's's 2011 already...damn...never quite remember what my 2010's resolutions were. come to think of it...yeah...i think there were quite a few. all i can say some...lose some. then again...i'm not gonna talk about what's my new years resolution is.

i'm just wanna talk about things that happened in between the transition frm 2010 to 2011...ok 1st off...b4 this...i've been waiting for THE 'answer' frm this one girl...i've waiting stupidly for the past 3 f*cking i've decided...i'm done being stupid...i'm not gonna wait any longer...i'm walking away(terasa nak nyanyi lagu craig david plak). she might have thought that...i'm not gonna go anywhere since i was SO into her b4 this...well think again...~

i always like the phrase "Expect the Unexpected" ....bcoz it's really true...there's quite a few unexpected things that happened...and i feel blessed.

what else...? hmm..oh yeah...for some reason...Exorage was nominated for Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian...! 1st time when Dhan told me about it...i was like..."Serious Shit...??!!...". we never thought of ourselves as 'popular'.

ok...bandwise...Exorage...right now we're having a little issue on finding the right seems, after Sahlan(lando) went on a "break" to further he's studies...(it's a decision that we [the other bandmembers] didn't fully agreed upon...but it's for the betterment of his we let him go) we really having a hard time finding a replacement. damn...i never really thought that it would be THIS difficult.

on another note...The Sofa Sessions are back...yeah...this was once the band that i joined along with my brother...well...he joined 1st...i came in later. but due to some personal problem at one time...the band disbanded. but now the new line-up doesn't include my brother anymore(since he's in australia rite now)...he's replaced (for certain shows) by Faidhal 'Mustaq' Faizan frm Keladak. right now The Sofa Sessions is performing (mostly) at Malone's Sooka Sentral every Friday and Saturday(until further notice).

so yeah...i guess that's it for now...

- Stixx, Fixxing out...~! -